Italy Trip 2014

Everyone needs a little time away, even photographers! My boyfriend, Aaron and I had been dreaming about taking a big trip abroad for the last year and as of last month we set a date, booked our flights, and made it a reality! It has been one of my life long dreams to travel to Europe, specifically Italy. In exactly ONE week we will be traveling through Florence, Rome, Venice...And even making a quick pit stop in Berlin during our layover on our way home. I am BEYOND excited to take a little "us-time" away and experience all of the beauty that Italy has to offer. We will be leaving March 16th and returning March 22nd, and during that time I will not have access to e-mails or phone calls but I will be sure to return any and all as soon as we return! I of course will be bringing my camera with to capture our travels and will be sure to make a blog post and a Facebook post to share with you all!