Packaging {South Bend Wedding Photographer | Shelby Chari Photography}

If you've ever had a phone crash on you and lost all of your precious photos...This post is for you. In this digital world we now call home, Paper prints of photos are harder and harder to come by. We are so entranced by digital files on our computers, phones, tablets, etc that printing photos seems tedious. But if you have ever had something crash on you without having extra copies, you know the heartbreak. Those one of a kind moments, forever gone. Thats why every wedding package I offer includes a flash drive of your images along with an online gallery all set up to help you order prints. These flash drives I have specially designed by USB Memory Direct, can be used to print at your convenience or they can be kept in safe keeping as a back up. I love being able to make my clients lives just a little bit easier. Also pictured are my one of a kind wedding albums. These GORGEOUS white leatherette albums feature 20+ pages of your beautiful day on thick lay flat pages. What better way to reminisce than to pull out your album and take a trip down memory lane?