How to NAIL your Boudoir Session | New England Boudoir Photographer | Mon Chari Boudoir

You’ve been convinced and booked your session…
You’ve picked out the perfect lingerie for your shoot and now…
The fear sets inWhat do I do between now and then and when I get there!?

Below are our favorite tips & tricks for prepping for your shoot so that you can NAIL your boudoir session!


When in doubt, Let GO

If this is your first shoot, Boudoir probably seems like this super nerve-wracking yet exciting new thing! You’ve probably brainstormed and imagined what your images will look like but the number one thing you need to remember is TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER!
The more you let go and embrace this new thing, the better. I will be guiding you through this process from start to finish and posing you from your head to your toes! I’ve done this a time or two and know how to make your body bend and stretch and what looks best for each and every body type! I may even have ideas you didn’t think of, I am the creative after all!
So take a deep breath and TRUST ME.



I’m dead ass serious. STRETCH GIRL. It probably seems like a silly thing, but the poses I’ll be putting you in are something most of us (Even you super fit girls!) aren’t used to! Starting to stretch before bed, especially your lower back, will help these poses feel more comfortable and help prevent soreness after your shoot!


Sometimes RBF is our BFF

The majority of us aren’t in front of the camera 24/7 and you might find yourself seeing faces you aren’t used to seeing yourself make. My rule of thumb is to TRY the serious shots, but if you are a smiley person… It will look more natural if you smile during your shoot. But don’t knock those Resting Bitch Face images till you give them a second look, Theres a crouching tiger hidden dragon in there and we will find her.
Don’t stress about making the right face too much because I WILL tell you if something looks weird, Again, Trust your Photographer.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Don’t forget to drink your water because you’re basically a house plant with more complicated emotions.

But seriously, Drinking water more regularly does AMAZING things for your skin. If you’re concerned about breaking out before your shoot- Start adding this into your routine before your session. Lemon water is especially good if you’re concerned about bloat!
Also begin using lotion more regularly and moisturizing your face with a non-oily face lotion.
Then thank me later.


And Lastly…

Wear COMFY clothes to your session and bring an “after” outfit.

Seriously, Show up in your PJs. We won’t judge! We want you to be extra comfortable while you get your hair and makeup done, but more importantly we want to avoid any extra lines on your skin from restrictive clothing. Nobody likes panty lines after they take their panties off. :P
Plan a Girls Night Out or a Hot Date after your shoot because girl… you gonna be lookin GOOD! Bring a cute outfit to walk out of our studio in style and wear that confidence around town.