Our tour of {Italy}

As some of you might have seen, my boyfriend and I recently took a week's vacation to tour Italy! We got to visit Florence, Venice, & Rome…and let me tell you, it was truly a dream come true. I will never ever ever try to visit three incredible cities in a 5 day span, it was simply not enough time to take all the beauty and history all in. But such is life, deadlines and school work were calling us back home. Though we had a lot of traveling to do and carrying my big ol camera around was not always the most convenient option, I did manage to take quite a few photos to document our trip! Here are some of the shots I took in all three cities. Enjoy! :)

Italy Trip 2014

Everyone needs a little time away, even photographers! My boyfriend, Aaron and I had been dreaming about taking a big trip abroad for the last year and as of last month we set a date, booked our flights, and made it a reality! It has been one of my life long dreams to travel to Europe, specifically Italy. In exactly ONE week we will be traveling through Florence, Rome, Venice...And even making a quick pit stop in Berlin during our layover on our way home. I am BEYOND excited to take a little "us-time" away and experience all of the beauty that Italy has to offer. We will be leaving March 16th and returning March 22nd, and during that time I will not have access to e-mails or phone calls but I will be sure to return any and all as soon as we return! I of course will be bringing my camera with to capture our travels and will be sure to make a blog post and a Facebook post to share with you all!