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Why I shoot Boudoir | Shelby Chari Photography | Mon Chari Boudoir | South Bend Boudoir Photographer

 Boudoir... (Boo-Dwar) or (Boo-Dwah) if you're French. ;) Always referred to as "Those sexy photos..." Ha! When I first started shooting boudoir I got lots of side comments like that or comments about shooting porn, I've always loved that one. *sarcasm* But I don't mind, because I love what I am doing- I love getting to know clients on such a personal level. It takes a lot of trust between a photographer and a client to be able to make someone comfortable during this type of shoot. Most people aren't naturally comfortable with a giant camera in their face to begin with, then take away most of their clothes and it can be quite daunting. It takes a lot of courage for a woman to have these images taken, to freeze herself in time like this. But the end result is just so hauntingly beautiful, for her to finally see what the rest of the world sees.  A little over a year ago I really started to hone in on my boudoir business, Mon Chari Boudoir, and to really take a look at what I wanted my work to mean. I want my work to say something to the viewer, whether its the client in the images or whoever they decide to share them with.

So why do I shoot boudoir? I found that my goal was to create realism in the photos, to make them natural and comforting. You're probably saying...Comforting? Are we still talking about Boudoir? Yes! I want my clients to look at their images and feel comfortable in their own skin. It can be so incredibly hard to to accept ourselves and feel *Beautiful* and I want to share that feeling with women.

I want women to first and foremost know that its okay to love themselves.

I want women to stop saying "Oh let me lose 10 lbs first.." Stop it! You are perfect. Absolutely flawless, just as you are.

Lastly, I want women to know that theres nothing wrong with expressing your sexuality, we are sexual beings. Sex and Boudoir aren't dirty words and you shouldn't feel shame in saying them.

Whether you keep these images to yourself, share them with your lover, or share them with the world! - You and all the shapes and sizes that make up you- are beautiful. Xoxo