Mon Chari Boudoir

M | Boudoir Amour | Massachusetts Boudoir Photographer | Mon Chari Boudoir | Shelby Chari Photography

Hair by: Kelsey Frederick
Makeup by: Makeup by Keria

Aaron | Boudoir Noir | Male Boudoir | New England Boudoir Photographer | Mon Chari Boudoir

Male Boudoir…. Dudoir. HA I hate that term. Its not something I typically offer. I have only ever photographed men in their undies during couple’s boudoir sessions or the occasional inappropriate groomsmen. LOL I had photographed a couple of men at a Boudoir Camp/Workshop- Camp Do More over the summer and really loved it. I am so used to working with the female form and accentuating curves and Men …are entirely different. After some friends mentioned their totally gorgeous friend who would be a perfect model for me.. I couldn’t resist! Cue Aaron! I think he did a pretty great job for a first time model. ;)

Best of 2017 | Western Massachusetts Wedding and Boudoir Photographer | Shelby Chari Photography

As I sit here and type this I can't help but tear up. Blessed? Fortunate? Grateful? Honored? None of these words seem to put enough emphasis into what each and every one of my clients means to me. This year is so bittersweet for so many reasons, mostly because it was my last full year in Indiana. Some of you have grown with me from the very beginning. Being able to capture everything from someones first breath to the first moment two become one, there are simply not enough words. I spent this year laughing and crying alongside you and I will spend forever reminiscing on these beautiful moments we have created together. So THANK YOU to each and every one of you for letting me do what I love and capturing your love. 

Xoxo- Shelby Chari

PS: I know I missed at least one family somewhere.. and there may have been a few other boudoir sessions that I had permission to share but I just pulled what I knew would be okay. No hurt feelings!!